Custom Trade Show Booth Rentals

Elevate Your Brand with Custom Trade Show Booth Rentals from Exhibit Craft

Standing out in the crowded world of trade shows is both an artwork and a science. Exhibit Craft is a master at achieving this balance. They transform abstract concepts into captivating, brand environments that engage, and then convert, customers. Exhibit Craft offers tailored solutions and expertise to help your business make a lasting impression at the next trade show. If you are looking for the most trustworthy company that makes Custom Trade Show Booth Rentals visit Exhibit Craft today.

Understanding Your Brand’s Unique Needs

Exhibit Craft doesn’t just fabricate booths; we are also your partner for face-to-face advertising. We have over 30 years’ experience and know that success at trade shows goes beyond a visually pleasing booth. It’s all about creating an event environment that reflects your brand and captures what makes you special. Our team is adept at taking your vision and creating a space that stands out, but also works optimally to interact with your target audience.

Full-Service Advantage

Exhibit Craft takes care of every detail, from the initial design through to the show breakdown. This allows you to focus on what’s important: engaging with your customers and prospects. Our full-service offerings include:

  • Vendor management and Scheduling : We manage all interactions with third party services to ensure that your exhibit runs smoothly and according to schedule.
  • Planning and Execution Proactive: We have the experience to anticipate and mitigate any potential problems before they occur, ensuring a smooth trade show experience.
  • Supervision and support on-site: We have a team of professionals who are present at the show to supervise and manage the event. They also respond to any immediate needs.
  • Storage and Logistics Solutions: Our comprehensive logistics services include transportation, storage and management of exhibit materials, ensuring your booth material is safe and well-organized, ready for your next show.

Customization at its Best

Exhibit Craft is known for its commitment to customizing. We believe no two brands should be the same, and neither should their booths at trade shows. We can create a simple but effective booth, or an elaborate, sprawling exhibit that meets your marketing goals. Our rental options include

  • Modular Displays and Portable Displays Ideal for brands that need flexibility and scalability.
  • Double Decks To create a grand appearance that uses vertical space efficiently.
  • Custom Fabrication We can create anything, from unique shapes to technology-integrated products.
  • Interactive Kiosks & Digital Displays: Engage your visitors with interactive elements to tell the story of your brand in a dynamic manner.

Why choose Exhibit Crafts?

Exhibit Craft is more than just a rental company. You are investing in an ongoing partnership with your business. We not only provide the physical structure, but also the support you need to make your event a success. We are committed to your success and this is shown in our hands-on attitude and commitment to provide exceptional customer service, support and 24-hour emergency assistance.

Are you ready to transform your trade show experience?

Stand out, don’t just appear! Exhibit Craft can help you elevate your brand by renting a custom-made trade show booth. See our past work and begin to imagine your next success at a trade show. We can help you with a rental for a single show or a multi-show strategy.

Custom Trade Show Booth Rentals

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