From Planning to Tear Down

Exhibit Craft is there every step of the way

Exhibit Purchase & Rentals

We take an abstract concept and create a dimensional product. Custom exhibits are fabricated to create distinctive environments, designed to captivate audiences, and encourage attendees to interact with your brand. Our exhibits are created from a wide variety of materials, including wood, metal, plastics, or other resources. Exhibits are built for purchase or rental depending on the needs of your business. Exhibit Craft creates exhibits with everything you need for success:

  • Custom Exhibit Fabrication
  • Modular and Portable Displays
  • LED Video Walls
  • Double Decks
  • Large Format Graphics
  • Cabinetry, Workstations and Desks
  • Kiosks
  • Hanging Signs and Fabric Structures

No Risk Rental Program

COVID-19 has made planning and budgeting for events a challenge. To help our clients navigate the uncertainty, we are proud to have created the No Risk Rental Program. In the event of a cancellation or postponement of your show, we will offer a full account credit to be applied to future show or multiple shows. The credit includes any design fees and shipping costs that may have been incurred. You can even apply the credit to completely separate exhibit designs and graphics. The credit will be valid for up to 2 years from the first day of your cancelled/postponed show. Please contact your account executive for more details.

Design & Art Production

Exhibit Craft’s creative team designs innovative exhibits that capture attendees’ attention. Our designers are proficient in graphic and structural design. Exhibit Craft uses the latest technology including an electronic grid system to ensure graphic and color accuracy between an array of equipment and materials. You’ll see our attention to detail from the first meeting with our team. We invite you to be part of the creative process, listen to your input, even providing you with a live or virtual tour of our completed work. Every aspect of your experience with us is intended to exceed expectations.

  • Exhibit structure design
  • Graphic design
  • Environment design
  • Creative branding support
  • Video and multimedia design
  • 3-D Modeling
  • Animation

Show Order Administration

Show Services

Many clients do not have the time or resources to properly complete the various order forms related to their event. We have many years’ experience managing this task. Orders are submitted and confirmed to achieve any discount deadlines and copies are taken to the show site at the time of install. Labor teams refer to these documents as the exhibit is set up. Accurate completion of show orders prevents delays or added expenses.

Install Labor & Show Supervision

Exhibit Craft offers turnkey labor throughout North America and most international markets. Our trained labor technicians are experienced at managing large exhibit assignments. Technicians have experience with custom exhibits and an array of modular display systems.

For large projects, a dedicated on-site supervisor is available to manage the labor team. Supervisors are at the venue to ensure that the exhibit and services meet the client’s expectations. Supervision is available for the full install, show, pack down, and ship out

More than just Shipping and Storage

Exhibit Management Program

Proper management of exhibit assets is crucial to containing costs. Exhibit Craft’s comprehensive package of exhibit management services complement the ownership of an exhibit. Our exhibit management program has been designed to make the trade show experience as worry-free as possible. The program gives companies comfort of knowing that a team of exhibit management professionals will be handling the trade show logistics. Exhibit Craft’s business is taking care of exhibits. Storage, maintenance, and shipping are part of our daily activities. By utilizing Exhibit Craft’s program, companies gain additional time to prepare for upcoming events, giving them an edge over their competition.

  • Online exhibit inventory management
  • Storage of exhibit properties
  • Exhibit reconfigurations
  • Large format graphics
  • Structure repairs & reconfigurations
  • Shipping & logistical services
  • 24 Hour emergency services

Online Inventory Management

For clients with a robust show schedule or multiple exhibit properties, an online inventory management system is available. The password protected platform allows clients to select and dispatch exhibits for specific events. Exhibit structures and graphics are organized so they can be easily managed and sent out.

Shipping & Logistics

Fabricating an exhibit is the easy part. Timely shipping and confirmation of delivery is crucial for the success of an event. Frequently, exhibits ship to a succession of shows or split for simultaneous events. Exhibit Craft has talented individuals that are well versed in navigating through the shipping and delivery process. Instead of returning freight after an event, shipments are frequently stored remotely to save on transportation costs. Our team consults with clients to explain their logistical options.

24 Hour Customer Service

Exhibit Craft offers unique value in our service. When you call our 24-hour emergency phone number, you don’t get an answering service or operator who is only qualified to take your message. Our 24-hour emergency care line is managed by a skilled representative who has the knowledge and resources to navigate through your challenge.

Experienced Support For Digital and Print Marketing

Virtual Marketing Solutions

The cancellation of live events has caused many companies to pivot toward Virtual Exhibits and Marketing to reach their target audience. Exhibit Craft has the ability to develop custom virtual marketing platforms that can be used for online trade shows and other marketing initiatives. Virtual Trade Show Booths enable show attendees to interact with you in a custom virtual environment. Comprehensive services provide everything you will need to launch and promote your virtual exhibit:

  • Design, modeling, and animation of your Virtual Exhibit
  • Creation of content, including PDF’s, videos, and presentations
  • Social Media Promotion and In-Show Postings
  • Integration of Product Demos, Facility/Campus Tours and Corporate Videos

Experiential Marketing Development

An exhibit is a company’s portable brand. Many clients seek assistance in developing a theme for their event. Exhibit Craft can create an experiential marketing plan that is created around your show objectives and strategy. We incorporate the marketing theme within your show space to create a full attendee experience.

For exhibitors with live contests and product demonstrations at timed intervals, Exhibit Craft can develop elements for each demo, including the design and production of videos, session posters and banners as well as branded tickets for attendees as they finish your demonstration. Get the right message in front of the proper audience.

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